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Spread Hope, Not Germs: The Virtual Float for a Mito Cure

Last summer, friends and family tried to convince me to skip the float because I was pregnant, working, taking care of Lorelei and planning a huge fundraising event, with an impending NICU stay... That didn't stop me.  Once I convinced everyone around me that "the float must go on" - thanks to the help of people who love my kids, we had the most successful Float for a Mito Cure ever!  

Float for a Mito Cure 2019

As the Covid-19 situation continues to evolve and ruin all of our spring and summer plans, it took some serious thought, but I decided there would not be a Float for a Mito Cure this summer... until I was recently sitting in a virtual conference that was supposed to be in person.  The amazing conference hostess shifted her plans, allowing so many more people to access the inspiration and education she wanted to share with the world.  I had an ah-ha moment half way through the second speaker.  "Why should we cancel the float?  After years of hard work, years of awareness, years of fundraising.  Why not adapt and get creative?"  (Because let's be real - adapting is the number one rule of the game for mito parents!)

I took my idea to a few close friends and to the group of Float Volunteers.  You see, even if things are reopened and parties, shindigs and gatherings are allowed by August 2020... it still will not be safe for families like mine to participate.  In order to protect my children and other immunocompromised folks, we simply cannot host an event with 150+ people together at the river.  But as an event coordinator by trade, it is so important for me to not stop or cancel our annual event when it has grown and grown each year.  It was essential for me to find a way to spread hope, not germs, and continue our annual Float for a Mito Cure.  I got a little push back from my team (because they all think I'm a wee bit crazy anyway), but after over-explaining my thoughts, everyone seems to be as pumped as I am about a Virtual Float for a Mito Cure!   

Stay tuned for all of the details but please join me with excitement for the 4th Annual Float for a Mito Cure this summer!  A quick highlight for you, as I work to put things together: 

I'm so excited because we will have custom green and blue Float for a Mito Cure tubes and Spread Hope, Not Germs shirts available on this website so you and your family can practice social distancing AND floating for a cure at the same time!  By virtually floating for a cure this year, we will not have one coordinated day to float.  You can float on a day, in a location that works best for you and your family! 

We will NOT be having a silent auction or raffles this year.  And we will NOT be looking for business sponsors like we have in years past. The support that businesses gave us in past years was outstanding.  So I will be sharing those businesses on this site (and our social media outlets) and I encourage you to show them some love if you are able.  The world is in a weird, weird place right now - and I cannot ask these businesses to sponsor the Float at this time.  

Nothing in 2020 seems to be normal, including the Float for a Mito Cure.  I am thrilled that so many more of you will be able to "distantly" join us this summer.  

With hope and a soon-to-be garage full of floats, Lorelei + Benji's mama, 



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