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Virtual Float

How in the world is a Virtual Float for a Mito Cure going to work?? 

Here's the run down...

1.  Follow us on social media!  You can find the Float for a Mito Cure on Facebook and Instagram!  Remember the hashtag #FloatForAMitoCure because you will need that in the future! 

2.  Fill out THIS FORM so we know who is Floating and where you are from! (By filling out that form you are giving me your email address so that I can send you a personal thank you and any event information you may need.) 

3.  Purchase your Float For A Mito Cure gear from this website!  Thanks to our tube sponsor Ashley Paige Realty every single dollar you pay for your #FloatForAMitoCure tube goes directly to research!  Proceeds from all of the other Float Gear will also go to mitochondrial disease research!   

4.  Help us Spread Hope, Not Germs!  Pick your day.  Pick your people.  Pack your tube and gear.  And FLOAT!  Share it on social media.  Your bright green or bright blue tube may strike up conversations.  Tell people about why you are floating for a cure!  Tell them about Lorelei & Benji.  Tell them that there is no cure for Mitochondrial Disease but YOU are helping us find a cure!  

While I am so sad that we cannot float together this summer, the coolest part of this is you can float over and over and over again with your sweet, sweet #FloatForAMitoCure gear.  

Items will begin shipping on June 1, 2020.  The summer of Floating will kick off on June 11, 2020 and will happen throughout the summer until September 7, 2020.  Be creative, have fun, spread hope, not germs!